DNC: Best Signs So Far

Signs are the easiest path to communication with an expanse of convention strangers. Most of the signs are standard pro-Obama signs. Others have more flash.

Seen any pithy witticisms around? Post 'em in the comments. Until then, here's the four best I've spotted.

DNC: Best Signs So Far

Judge Smails: "Do you stand for goodness, or for badness?" Danny Noonan: "Goodness! ... I ... I want to be good." Judge Smails: "Good!"

DNC: Best Signs So Far

Oprah could probably afford to buy the entire Pepsi Center population a car. What does it say about right-wing discourse that George Soros is the scary monster funding liberal groups, but Oprah largely gets a pass? Is it because everyone loves Oprah? Probably.

DNC: Best Signs So Far

These guys were country boys from Missouri. I watched a perplexed talking head interview them. He was having a tough time getting words out, their sign confused him so much.

DNC: Best Signs So Far

Hard to decide what the best part of this is: the hand-lettering. The late additions of the D, the S and the comma after mockery from convention-goers. The fact that someone would show up at the DNC touting Fox News. All of these are spectacular. If I run into any of the Fox people staying in my hotel, I'm going to ask them for on-the-record comment.

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