DNC 2012 bid has enemies in RNC 8 friends

Rybak wants the 2012 DNC convention held at the Metrodome
Rybak wants the 2012 DNC convention held at the Metrodome
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While R.T. Rybak is lobbying to host the convention in 2012, some people are organizing efforts to stop it. Hey, if your daughter had been unfairly accused of being a terrorist at the RNC in 2008, you might not be a fan of political conventions, either. Dave Bicking is one of the organizers of No DNC -- the effort to keep the Democratic National Convention out of here. Bicking is also a former Minneapolis City Council candidate and an outspoken member off the Minneapolis Civilian Review Authority, though he was unceremoniously ousted from the CRA earlier this year.

His daughter, Monica, is one of the eight protesters charged with terrorism as a result of their planned efforts to disrupt the Republican National Convention in 2008.

The group has set up a Facebook page and a Web site, nodnc.org. Tonight (Tuesday, July 13), it's meeting in Powderhorn Park to talk about ways to keep the convention out.

They may not need to bother, according to Hamline Professor David Shultz. He says conventions are typically held in cities where it's perceived that the publicity could attract additional voters, and since Minneapolis is likely to vote Democrat already, the convention would be more likely to go to a city where it might tip the scales.

Bicking is not the only one concerned about a repeat of the RNC 8. Minneapolis Council member Cam Gordon expressed some reservations to MPR:

Like Bicking, Minneapolis city council member Cam Gordon also has concerns about the massive law enforcement presence that the convention would bring. Gordon voted against a resolution to authorize the city's bid for the DNC. But he might be persuaded to support the convention if the public safety plan doesn't unfairly restrict the First Amendment rights of protesters.

Gordon also wants local law enforcement agencies to have more control than they did in 2008.

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