'Disorderly couple' force plane back to MSP; arrest met with cheers [VIDEO]

2016 ended poorly for travelers Blake Fleisig and Anna Koosmann

2016 ended poorly for travelers Blake Fleisig and Anna Koosmann Metropolitan Airports Commission

Traveling during the holidays is stressful, man.

Just ask Blake Fleisig of Los Angeles and Anna Koosmann of Edina, both of whom were removed from a Delta flight bound to L.A. via Minneapolis late Wednesday. 

Flight 2565 was rerouted back to Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport due to "a disorderly couple on board not obeying flight crew instructions,” MSP PR chief Patrick Hogan tells the Star Tribune. The airliner returned about an hour after its 6:20 p.m. takeoff, with cops waiting to arrest Fleisig and Koosmann on disorderly conduct charges. 

Watch passengers cheer their removal in a short clip of the incident: 

So what, exactly, went down? Unclear! 

The couple “became aggressive and created a disruption in the cabin" is all Delta rep Ashton Morrow would reveal. In the video, a passenger can be heard saying "Her boyfriend attacked somebody back there."

Here's an attempt at deciphering what Koosmann shouts as she's escorted off the plane: "You better fuck your stucking ... buh!"

To which a passenger responds, "You're already going to jail." 

To which the handcuffed Koosmann retorts, "Why? For what? For what?" 

The airplane returned to the air shortly thereafter, arriving in L.A. about 2.5 hours later than scheduled. 

Fleisig, 35, and Koosmann, 36, were jailed and later released.

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