Disgraced motivational speaker Russell Simon gets 20 years


Remember Russell Simon, the ex-con-turned-Just-Say-No-motivational speaker who went on a meth-fueled, drunken rampage last spring? The dude who was convicted of five felonies last fall, including attempted murder?

He was sentenced last week. Twenty years in the slammer.

The jury voted unanimously that "substantial and compelling circumstances" were at play, meaning: Simon's substance-crazed assault of Pam Wilcox--his live-in girlfriend at the time--inflicted emotional and psychological distress on Wilcox and her family to a degree that warranted a stiffer penalty.

Because of Simon's--shall we say "ample?"--criminal history, the minimum sentence was already pretty steep, and with the time tacked on it'll be a long time before he gets to lecture Minnesota's youth about the dangers of drug use and how he was able to turn his life around with the help of Jesus.

"We're pleased," says prosecuting chief deputy county Amy Reed-Hall. "There are a lot of women throughout the state who will sleep better for the next 20 years."

Read Simon's side of the story here.