Discount airline adding flights at MSP for $9

Discount airline adding flights at MSP for $9

Yet another discount airline is planning to start service from Minneapolis-St. Paul International. And this one has $9 tickets!

That is if you have any reason to fly to Toledo, Ohio or Melbourne-Vero Beach, Fla. JetAmerica plans to announce new service from the Twin Cities to Ohio today. No word yet on when the first flights take off.

The airline guarantees nine seats on every flight will go for just $9. Can't beat that. There isn't even a definite deal for gates at MSP, but it appears the Metropolitan Airports Commission has already made plans to welcome the new airline to town.

Some details from the USA Today report:

JetAmerica says it will fly Boeing 737s starting July 13 between Newark's Liberty Airport and four smaller markets that currently have only minimal, and expensive, regional airline service. Those four: Toledo, Ohio; South Bend, Ind.; Lansing, Mich.; and Melbourne-Vero Beach, Fla.

The carrier also says it plans service from Melbourne-Vero Beach to Lansing and Minneapolis-St. Paul, and between Toledo and Minneapolis-St. Paul. Typically, fares will begin around $69 one way. But a small number of seats on each flight will be available, at least early on, at prices as low as $9. Passengers will pay extra to check bags or have a soft drink.

More from Minnesota Public Radio:

John Weikle, the CEO of JetAmerica, also founded Skybus Airlines Inc., a now defunct discount airline. Skybus' hallmark was offering a limited number of tickets on each flight for $10. The airline folded in April 2008.

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