Disconnected: Surviving 3 weeks with no computers


Could you survive three weeks with no Google, no email, no social networking? What about living without a word processing program as a college student with papers due? Three Carleton College students decided to try living for three weeks computer-free.

The experiment was part of a documentary film-making class that somehow makes the disconnected life sound interesting. The documentary, Disconnected, will run this weekend on local public television station TPT.

Check out the details below.

The trailer:

While older folks might laugh at the idea of computer-free life being a challenge, living off a computer has almost become essential to today's college students. Essential class information is sent through emails, all papers must be typed, and much of the resources available for research live solely online.

Minnesota Public Radio has a story on the making of the documentary and some of the hardships students had to face.

Check out the documentary for yourself:

Sunday, May 10

Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) Channel 2

10:30 p.m.

Monday May 11 (early morning replay)

Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) Channel 2

4:30 a.m.

Saturday, June 20

Wisconsin Public Television

10 p.m.