Discerning Minneapolis beggar: No thanks, Donald Trump fans [PHOTOS]


The conventions are over, and everyone is either apopletic or delirious with joy. 

Yes, they really nominated him. And yes they really nominated her.

Can you believe it?!?!

American politics are now inescapable. You can't even get away from it all by hiding under a bridge. 

On Thursday morning, while driving toward the Lyndale-Hennepin interchange in Minneapolis, sharp-eyed traveler Whitney Buck-Rogers noticed a man standing on the side of the road, asking commuters for money.

There's almost always someone on that heavy-traffic corner. None has a sign quite like this.

And you think you care about this election.

And you think you care about this election.

"DON'T NEED ANYTHIN FROM TRUMP FANS," reads the guy's cardboard message. 

Okay, since you're dying to say it, let's get it out of the way. Beggars CAN be choosers! 

According to Buck-Rogers, the man, whom she passed by twice on Thursday, reported that he was "doing good." 

Adds Buck-Rogers: "I've seen a lot of signage flown, but this is one of the cleverest."

And riskiest. This message instantly turns off a good chunk of the man's potential donor base. Then again, in Minneapolis, this fellow's probably more likely to make friends (and bucks) than to get fruit thrown at him. If Trump voters ate fruit. (Steaks. Only the best steaks.) 

Still, it's one thing for, say, a coffee shop in the hyper-liberal Wedge area, or some hipster band, to say, "Thanks but no thanks, Trump-eters." By the looks of it, this man's scraping by on the thinnest margins out on the margin of society. He needs every dime he can get. 

If you see him out there, and approve of this deeply principled stance, maybe consider giving him a lot more than a dime. 

Oh, and for his sake? Vote.