Disappointed Vikings fans should prepare to pack on a few pounds this year, study says

Shouldn't all Lions fans have died from heart disease by now?
Shouldn't all Lions fans have died from heart disease by now?

If the results of a study published in Psychological Science can be believed, Vikings fans might want to consider signing up for fall fitness classes right now.

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The study, conducted by researchers Yaan Cornil and Pierre Chandon at INSEAD Business School, found that NFL fans whose favorite teams lost on Sunday eat about 16 percent more saturated fat the following Monday than they usually would. On the other hand, fans of winning teams consume about 9 percent less bad stuff the day after the game.

From Men's Fitness's summary of the study:

Cornil and Chandon tracked food consumption following the outcomes of two seasons' worth of NFL games. To further test their findings, the researchers conducted a separate study that asked French volunteers--mostly soccer fans, of course--to write about a time when their favorite team won or lost, while munching on a choice of snacks: potato chips, chocolate, grapes and cherry tomatoes. Those reliving the agony of defeat were more likely to reach for the fatty stuff, while those replaying the game-winning goal in their minds went with the healthier options.

This is bad news for Vikings fans. Three uninspiring preseason performances aside, the Las Vegas over/under lines have the Vikings slated to finish last in the NFC North. Green Bay is pegged for 10.5 wins, Chicago 8.5, Detroit 8, with the Purple pulling up the rear at 7.5.

Just don't make me write about the 2009 NFC Championship Game, because if this study has merit, I'll need about 10 Big Macs to get through a couple paragraphs.

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