Dinkytown hockey riot part deux: Top photos

Makes you wonder what would've happened had the Gophers won...

Makes you wonder what would've happened had the Gophers won...

Though the Gophers men's hockey team gave up a touchdown and extra point worth of goals during a 7-4 loss to Union College in the national championship game last night, Dinkytown revelers weren't dispirited.

A heavy police presence and disappointing defeat didn't stop the streets from being overrun in the second University of Minnesota hockey riot in three nights. In fact, there were nearly twice as many arrests in and around Dinkytown last night as there were Thursday -- 19 compared to 10.

Below the jump we share the best social media photos we've seen of last night's festivities.

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Dinkytown riot: Top 10 photos

10. As the Gophers' championship dreams died, students took to the streets:
-- Bryna Godar (@bgodar) April 13, 2014
9. Police weren't messing around:

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8. Nonetheless, there were selfies: 7. U of M students weren't the only ones taking part: 6. But it wasn't all fun and games -- the MPD reports two instances of arson and a yet-to-be-determined amount of property damage: (For more, click to page three.)

5. As police tried to clear Dinkytown streets, students attempted to block them: 4. But the MPD took matters into its own hands:

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3. Three views of a mooning: 2. Mayoral photobomb! 1. And this just about sums it up: -- Follow Aaron Rupar on Twitter at @atrupar. Got a tip? Drop him a line at [email protected]