Dinkytown duo busted drinking beers in Burger King drive-thru with pot, shrooms in banjo case

Darwin Seeger (left) and James Brennan.

Darwin Seeger (left) and James Brennan.

Hours after leaving Dinkytown on Saturday and heading up north, 27-year-old Darwin Seeger and 20-year-old James Brennan were busted in the parking lot of a Bemidji Burger King with beers, pot, mushrooms, and a scale. Their drug-related stuff along with more than $800 in cash were tucked into a banjo case, police say.

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Officers were called to the scene around 11 p.m. after a BK employee noticed the two drinking beers in a Geo Tracker.

[jump] To be specific, Seeger and Brennan were found with more than 400 grams of marijuana (a little less than a pound) and 30 grams of magic mushrooms. Police say the packaging of the drugs and the presence of the scale were "consistent with drug trafficking."

The Bemidji Pioneer provides more details:

When police arrived, Seeger, in order to search for his driver's license, handed his beer to an officer with the Bemidji Police Department, the complaint stated. Police said Brennan was also drinking beer. When the officer told Seeger it was illegal to drink and drive, he "appeared surprised," according to the complaint. Seeger then gave permission for a search of the car...

Seeger told police he and Brennan left Dinkytown, a neighborhood near the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis campus, sometime Saturday, and that the pair had "come across" the marijuana.

Brennan denied any knowledge of the drugs' presence in the banjo case, and officials at the Beltrami County Jail found a vial containing a small amount of pot in his clothing. He told police he didn't know how the vial, scale or a marijuana smoking pipe ended up in his pockets.

Seeger and Brennan have both been charged with fifth-degree drug possession and could spend up to five years in prison. After being charged, they paid enough of their bail to be released from custody.

Bummer, dudes.

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