Did you cost Al Franken the election?


Remember that clever video that all your friends sent you in which Barack Obama lost by one vote because you overslept?

Well, it turned out Barack didn't need your vote to win the presidency, though every vote counts toward giving him a mandate (don't listen to this idiot).

Know who did need your vote? Al Franken.

According to the latest numbers at CNN, Franken lost by just 570 votes out of 2.8 million cast. There will be the inevitable recount, which we will here about more today, but already, some commenters are calling Independent candidate Dean Barkley the Ralph Nader of this senate race (Barkley got 15 percent of the vote with 437,186).


Men went for Coleman 46-39 Women went for Franken 46-27 Franken overwhelmingly got the youth vote (51-34) Coleman got the middle aged (44-40) The elderly split 42-42