Did Vikings fans cheer Aaron Rodgers' injury? [VIDEO]

Aaron Rodgers' being carted off the field caused some Vikings fans to hoot and holler, and one guy to yell out "Brett Favre!"

Aaron Rodgers' being carted off the field caused some Vikings fans to hoot and holler, and one guy to yell out "Brett Favre!" Youtube

Aaron Rodgers is out for a while, maybe for good this year, after the Green Bay Packers' all-world quarterback broke his collarbone during Sunday's game in Minneapolis.

Packers' coach Mike McCarthy said Monday that Rodgers would have surgery "in the near future," and that his season could "potentially be over," depending on how quickly he bounces back. In 2013, Rodgers broke his left collarbone and returned after seven games, though that injury was to his left (non-throwing) side, and did not require an operation.

McCarthy's Monday press conference kept alive a controversy about Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr, who administered the drive-you-into-the-ground hit that knocked Rodgers out of the game. McCarthy says Barr's play was "an illegal act," adding: "It was unnecessary... totally unnecessary, in my opinion."

Vikings coach Mike Zimmer (surprise!) takes Barr's side in the argument, saying Monday that Rodgers' injury was just an "unfortunate" outcome from a clean play. 

"We're not a dirty football team," Zimmer told reporters. "We'll never be a dirty football team as long as I'm here. We're going to play within the rules and sometimes things happen."

So, now that that controversy's completely unsettled, let's address another: Are Vikings fans assholes? Or what?

It sure seems like they are, if you spent any time on Twitter Sunday. (And how could you not? What, is your account suspended?) 

After the Rodgers hit, numerous Twitter accounts, including one belonging to a Wisconsin television journalist, reported that Vikes fans at U.S. Bank Stadium had cheered when Rodgers stayed down after Barr's hit.






Here's a video clip of the moment in question. As you'll see, Rodgers' pass is dropped by Martellus Bennett, which would bring up a third-and-long situation for Green Bay. For a Vikings fanbase counting on the team's staunch defense, this is a result worth cheering!

The question is whether there was a second wave of cheering as fans realized Rodgers was lying supine on the turf, clutching his right arm. Judge for yourself, but it certainly sounds like an uptick in volume around the 12-second mark of this clip.

That's not nice! Then again, as coach Zimmer pointed out these guys were "playing football," and hitting people is a big part of that. At that early moment, Rodgers' condition was of the murky "shaken-up" variety, which merely means making contact with Anthony Barr does not make one want to leap back to his feet.

What about later, though, as the former Super Bowl MVP was getting carted off the field, bearing the unmistakably sad face of a guy who knows he's not coming back? Here are two clips recorded from the stands near where Rodgers was leaving the field. The evidence is in, Vikings fans, and... it doesn't sound good.

Note that in one clip, one guy says, "Bye, Rodgers," while another inexplicably screams out "Brett Favre! Brett Favre!"

Zimmer, McCarthy, Rodgers, Barr, and fans on both sides can fight all they want about whether this was a good football play or a violation of the rules. 

The stuff that came after it is inarguable. Though it may not have been "illegal," Minnesota's dirtiest action on Sunday came after the hit, from up in the stands.