Did the rose-colored glasses come with the kevlar helmet?

Earlier this month Rep. Michele Bachmann, visited Iraq. This was particularly newsworthy because the freshman Republican had previously made waves by announcing that Iran had a secret plan to take over our Middle East colony. This revelation was either a serious breach of classified military information or delusional speculation.

Since returning from Iraq, Bachmann has been spouting sunny rhetoric about the country. "(Gen. Petraeus) said al-Qaida in Iraq is off its plan and we want to keep it that way," she told the St. Cloud Times.

But Bachmann may as well have been reporting her opinions about this year's soybean crop on Pluto. As Daily Kos pointed out earlier this week, the freshman congresswoman was in the region for less than day. She never left the Green Zone. And she never spoke with an actual Iraqi.

But she did get to wear one of those cool kevlar helmets throughout her stay.

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