Did SNL parody Fancy Ray?


On Saturday Night Live this weekend, we saw a character that seemed to remind us a little bit of our very own local celeb Fancy Ray. Did they really just parody the best looking man in comedy?

Keenan Thompson plays Fuquay Satin, who is set on selling you some sexy champagne to drink and pour on a lady's behind. He even markets a "Minneapolis Mystery" line of champagne.

A coincidence or parody? We're not quite sure, but Fancy Ray is milking it for all it's worth.

We got in touch with Fancy Ray via email and here is what he had to say:

Their commercial really seems to have the Flavor and texture of my Augie's Ads. Plus i don't believe that Minneapolis Shout-Out was just by happenstance...

It's My World!!!

Fancy Ray

Check out the videos side-by-side below and decide for yourself. My my my.

Here is the SNL skit:

Here is Fancy Ray's commercial for Augie's:

Our conclusion: If Fuquay is a parody of Fancy Ray or even inspired by him, they totally missed the mark. Where's the flaboyant "I love myself" personality? Where's the "my my my?" Why doesn't he kiss himself? These are traits that actually make Fancy Ray hilarious, but Fuquay comes across kind of boring.