Did Rybak lie about I-35W bridge collapse during DNC speech? [VIDEO]

Rybak invoked the I-35W bridge collapse, then thanked Obama for helping with Camden Bridge repairs.
Rybak invoked the I-35W bridge collapse, then thanked Obama for helping with Camden Bridge repairs.

-- R.T. Rybak is a finalist for the 2012 World Mayor Prize
-- RT Rybak blames pot smokers for Minneapolis murders

Some Republicans are upset by comments Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak made about bridges and infrastructure during his DNC speech... but do they have a legitimate beef?

Here's what Rybak said:

In Minneapolis, where we know the human tragedy of a bridge collapse, thank you President Obama for delivering the resources to rebuild the Camden Bridge, and that bridge in Louisville, and bridges and infrastructure across this country.

Some local conservatives, apparently eager to seize upon any trace of Democrat deception after Paul Ryan left pants throughout the country spontaneously combusted with his RNC speech last week, quickly blasted Rybak.

From Kevin Watterson, director of media services for the MNGOP House caucus:

From local conservative blogger John Gilmore:

Another local conservative blog pointed out that investigators determined the cause of the I-35W bridge collapse to be bridge design, not insufficient spending on maintenance. The blog accuses Rybak of talking "about how a lack of infrastructure led to the collapse of the Interstate 35W [bridge] in Minneapolis."

Um, no. Rybak simply noted that we've had our share of infrastructure-related tragedy around here, and thanked the president for investing in infrastructure. He didn't connect his remarks with the cause of the I-35W bridge collapse.

So to answer the question posed in the headline, no, Rybak didn't lie, and no, conservatives don't have a legitimate beef. But if you're still not convinced, here's the raw footage. Judge for yourself (the bridge remarks begin about 3:25 in):

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