Did police plant gun on victim of cop shooting?

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Did police plant gun on victim of cop shooting?
There's some new interesting evidence in a case involving the shooting death by a police officer. A rookie Minneapolis officer shot and killed 19-year-old Fong Lee about three years ago and the officer was cleared of wrongdoing because he claimed the suspect had a gun. Investigators found the gun near the man's body. The lawsuit claims that is the same gun that was in police possession after a 2004 burglary. The family believes the gun was planted on their son.

Man allegedly hosts cancer benefit for friend, keeps money
This is what real friends are for. A Minneapolis man is accused of hosting a benefit for a friend who died of cancer and deciding to just keep the cash for himself. He is charged with two felony counts of theft.

Craigslist murder case goes to jury today
The case of accused Craiglist murderer Michael John Anderson goes to the jury today after closing arguments. During testimony yesterday, Anderson's cellmate said he wasn't going to plead insanity because then he would have to pretend he was sorry. Yikes.

First flood baby arrives
The Star Tribune profiles the family of the first baby born in Fargo since the historic crest this weekend. The hospital had been evacuated as a precaution during the flooding, but the expecting parents were admitted and safely gave birth.

Hip concrete: How the 35W bridge uses advanced materials to make concrete cool
The New York Times takes a look at our new 35W bridge and the use of scientifically advanced concrete that is more environmentally friendly and long lasting. Thank you NY Times for actually making a story about bridge construction interesting.

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