Did Pointergate Save Navell Gordon From Prison?

Political fallout from Pointergate may have helped Navell Gordon dodge prison

Political fallout from Pointergate may have helped Navell Gordon dodge prison

Yesterday Fox 9 reporter Tom Lyden had an interesting scoop exploring how political fallout stemming from Pointergate may have saved Navell Gordon (the man pictured with Mayor Hodges in the infamous Pointergate photo) from prison.

As KSTP previously reported in its Pointergate double-down last month, Gordon was arrested Aug. 2 on suspicion of robbery. Gordon faced five years in prison for possessing a handgun as convicted felon already on probation for gun possession two years ago.

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Fox 9 reported Gordon was identified by the 59-year-old victim of the robbery, his DNA matched DNA found on the gun allegedly tied to the robbery, and the detective in charge of the investigation suspected that gun is the same gun he's flaunting in the Instagram photo below.

Despite all of that, Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman declined to pursue charges.

The Minneapolis Police Department is investigating Sergeant Jesse Garcia, the detective who originally took on the robbery case, for calling out Gordon on Facebook while his investigation was still open. At one point Garcia wrote Gordon was "a bad person," according to Fox 9.


Earlier this fall Garcia was suddenly transferred from robbery to the much less glamorous 3rd Precinct property crimes division, and the police union has filed a grievance on his behalf.

So far no one involved with the case is commenting, but we'll update if that changes.


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