Did Pawlenty staffer Ben Foster lie to police about driving drunk?

These guys are all about personal responsibility.
These guys are all about personal responsibility.

Benjamin Limbaugh Foster made political headlines for all the wrong reasons this week when the 24-year-old Pawlenty campaign staffer was caught drunk, vomiting, and attempting to break in to a residence in Ankeny, Iowa, at 3 am.

Apparently Foster, Pawlenty's first hire for his Iowa campaign operation, thought he'd made it back to the house where he's been staying, though he was actually about 10 miles off course. That's why he woke up a 15-year-old girl with his efforts to break in, and maybe why he yakked on the back deck.

But look, at least the kid took responsibility for his actions and told the truth to police officers when they showed up, right?

Doesn't look that way.

According to the Ankeny Police incident report released yesterday, when officers responded to a 911 call at Stacy and Kevin Steward's house in the wee hours of Wednesday morning, they found Foster, being held at gunpoint by the alarmed homeowner.

At first, Foster told the cops that he'd been drinking and he'd been driving. Indeed, his car, with Alabama plates, was parked down the street.

But then Foster changed his tune.

"I asked Foster how he ended up in this neighborhood," Ankeny officer Mike Williams wrote in his report. "Foster stated that he and a friend had been drinking at a bar in Des Moines, and took a cab to his residence in Johnston. Foster stated that the person that drove him must have been confused. I asked Foster where his friend was at. Foster stated he did not know where his friend was at. I asked Foster how his car ended up at the end of the street. Foster stated he didn't drive it."

Remarkably, so far prosecutors seem to be taking Foster at his inconstant word. He's been charged with public intoxication and trespassing, but not drunk driving.

Tim Pawlenty is a law-and-order, personal-responsibility kind of guy, so you can imagine how he reacted to his operative's behavior. When news broke of Foster's drunken home invasion and vomit delivery service, Pawlenty handed out strongly, for penalty and repentance, a two-week suspension.

Read the police report after the jump:


Did Pawlenty staffer Ben Foster lie to police about driving drunk?

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