Did Jesus manifest himself in Newport woman's potato chip? [PHOTO]

Carol Isaak found comfort in what she took to be a sign from above that everything will be alright. The administrator of the Potato Association of America isn't so sure.

Newport resident Isaak, 67, cracked open a bag of ripple-style Clancy's chips the night before Easter. She had just gotten her snack on when she was given pause by what appeared to be an image of a crucified Jesus Christ smack-dab in the middle of a chip.

"It seemed like a sign or something," Isaak told the Pioneer Press. "I got all fuzzy and warm."

Here's Carol's chip:

Did Jesus manifest himself in Newport woman's potato chip? [PHOTO]

Isaak explained that her husband, Vern, has recently been going through some health problems, and she took the Jesus chip as "just a comforting thing telling me things will be OK." She added that she wanted to bring the chip to church on Easter to show her minister, but decided against doing so because she was afraid it would break.

Of course, this is far from the first time somebody has seen a divine likeness on a potato chip. Some, like the Isaaks, find deep spiritual meaning in the resemblance. Others, like Lori Wing, administrator of the Potato Association of America, think there's a more naturalistic explanation.

Wing told the PiPress that just this year, she's already heard of Christ chip sightings in Maine and Canada.

"No matter how hard I look, I don't see it," Wing said, adding that she believes the Christ likenesses are the product of diseased or rotted potatos, not divine intervention.

But ultimately, if Carol's belief that Jesus is sending a message of reassurance through a potato chip is a source of comfort and reassurance, then why quibble? Misguided or no, one of modern religion's most important functions is to serve as a source of meaning in a world that often seems meaningless. And haven't people said all along that He works in mysterious ways?

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