Did a Cretin-Derham Hall female staffer sleep with male student?

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Cretin-Derham Hall female staffer sleeping with male student?

St. Paul police are investigating reports that a female staffer at Cretin-Derham Hall slept with a male student who was under the age of 18. There haven't been any arrests or charges and police wouldn't comment on specifics of the case. So much for Christian values, right?

Springsteen bill becomes law to protect ticket buyers

Just hours before Bruce Springsteen hit the stage at the Xcel Energy Center Monday night, a new Minnesota law with the Springsteen nickname became law. The bill bans online ticket sellers from sending buyers to higher priced resale sites. Springsteen was outraged last year when Ticketmaster sent buyers to their resale site, TicketsNow, before they had a chance to purchase tickets at face value.

Man strikes, kills 3-year-old as he crossed the street

Everyone should think twice before ever passing stopped cars on the right. As a row of cars stopped Saturday on County Road 3 in Merrifield to let a group of children cross the street, Sherman Frederick, 66, passed the stopped cars on the right and hit 3-year-old Jack Larson. The boy died after the accident. Charges are expected in the case.

Fargo journalist happy to be free from Iranian jail

Fargo journalist and Concordia College graduate spoke to the press yesterday following her release from the Iranian jail she was held in for months. Roxana Saberi had been sentenced to eight years in prison, but was released after her appeal. She is expected to be back in the United States soon.

Did the city board up cats in a home to die?

Animal activists are concerned that a condemned home that has been boarded up and sealed could still contain several cats that weren't rescued. How much should the city do to find all of the animals in a home before sealing it for good?