Saint Paul - Activist and former city council candidate Elizabeth
Dickinson will announce her candidacy for Mayor of Saint Paul at a press
conference tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28. The event will take place on the
blufftop along Prospect St., just west of where Hall Ave. runs into
Prospect, at 11:00 a.m.

Dickinson is a founder of the Clean Energy Now coalition which
successfully pushed for conversion of Xcel Energy's urban High Bridge
and Riverside power plants from coal to gas -- two of only five such
conversions nationally to date -- and the installation of pollution
controls on the larger A.S. King plant near Stillwater. She has also
been highly visible as a spokesperson on other issues: she narrated and
coproduced widely-distributed videos on Wal-Mart and on AIDS, as well as
one on the power plant conversion. She is leaving her position as
Community Affairs Manager and lobbyist for the Minnesota AIDS Project
(MAP) to enter the race.

Dickinson¹s campaign will focus on city government collaboration with
Saint Paul's neighborhoods -- especially cooperation with the city's
District Councils -- and honoring the voices of individual citizens; on
environmental and clean energy issues including the opportunity to give
Saint Paul a national profile as a clean-energy leader; on firmly
establishing the city's current living wage policy as a requirement for
businesses seeking significant financial help -- such as tax-increment
financing -- from city government; and on vigorously supporting small
businesses, which create over 75% of new American jobs. A Co-Chair of
the Green Party of Saint Paul, a boardmember of the West Side Citizens¹
Organization and of Clean Water Action, and a member of the Saint Paul
Bill of Rights Defense Committee, Dickinson has worked tirelessly with
numerous like-minded groups and individuals to maintain city
environmental standards, back the INS/Police Separation Ordinance and
the Code for Corporate Responsibility, and work for Instant Runoff
Voting and other progressive causes.

Dickinson's motivation for running includes a strong awareness that many
Saint Paul voters have been dismayed by the absence to date of a strong
progressive voice in the mayoral contest. "I've had people come up to me
and ask if I'm running, because they don't feel they're represented by
either of the current candidates," she says. "Many of them became very
excited when I began privately telling people I had decided to run." She
felt strongly enough about the need to give voters a real choice, she
says, that she was willing to risk her household's primary income by
leaving her job at MAP.

Her campaign will lean heavily on the grassroots outreach Dickinson
strongly believes in -- in her 2003 Ward 2 race for city council, she
nearly took the second spot in the open primary by knocking on nearly
every single-family door in the ward, while spending less than 20% of
the eventual winner¹s total campaign outlay -- and less than 10% of the
budget of the ultimate runner-up. Saint Paulites can expect to become
familiar with her face, as Dickinson anticipates knocking on doors in
every city ward before the September 13 primary.


Elizabeth Dickinson, (651) 235-1208 (cell)
Christopher Childs, Communications Manager, (651) 312-1216

Elizabeth Dickinson for Mayor ~ 384 Hall Avenue ~ Saint Paul, MN ~ 55107


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