Diane Hofstede, Minneapolis council member, called ineffective, controlling


Several fellow council members and former staffers squealed on 3rd Ward Councilmember Diane Hofstede, calling her ineffective, disorganized, and hard to work for, reports Steve Brandt of the Star Tribune.

It's well known inside the city that Hofstede is not well-respected by her colleagues, and Brandt explains why in his story, which is below the fold of the West Extra section of today's Strib. Worth the read if you want to get a little bit inside Minneapolis politics.

But questions persist as she starts her second term about what some colleagues, former employees and constituents perceive as ineffectiveness and a controlling style.

While one neighborhood activist in her ward called her "fabulous," several others said they can't even get her to call them back, and her history as a boss has bred fear and anger in city hall. While several council members have the same two staffers they started with, Hofstede has employed more than 20 in just over four years. She's the only one of 13 council members for whom the city paid a consultant $5,700 to coach her on managing her office. One former aide said she learned Hofstede was planning to let her go when she read a want-ad for her job.