Diane Bakdash arrested following son's Dinkytown hit-and-run murder charge


Timothy Ayman Bakdash has already been charged with the hit-and-run murder of Ben Van Handel in Dinkytown. Now his mother, Diane Bakdash, has been arrested too.

Police say she's now part of the story because she signed the title of the car he was driving so that he could sell it quickly in an effort to elude authorities. For that act of family loyalty, the 66-year-old woman was charged with accessory after the fact.

Fox 9 reported that officers had staked out her home in Roseville, but eventually arrested her when she showed up yesterday at Hennepin County jail to visit her son.

Van Handel died after an argument with Bakdash outside The Library Bar on April 15. He ran down the U of M student on the sidewalk of nearby Fifth Street Southeast, prosecutors say. According to the complaint, he told the cops he felt no remorse.

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A witness told investigators that Van Handel was carried 50 feet by the car, and hit his head on a utility pole before finally falling in the street. He suffered serious brain injuries and died last Thursday, the same day that Bakdash was arrested.

His death is senseless enough, but it turns out the two women who were also injured by Bakdash weren't even with Van Handel during the argument with Bakdash. Katelynn Hanson and Sarah "Sally" Bagley had been at the nearby Kitty Cat Klub, and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when Bakdash aimed at Van Handel.

Bakdash makes his first court appearance today.


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