Diablo Cody's Top 10 Movie Badasses

Diablo Cody is tough, edgy and damnit, she's a real badass. That is no doubt the reason MTV decided to let her create a Top 10 list of her favorite movie badasses. Who would know better than a writer of a super cute quirky movie about teen pregnancy?

We love to spoil things, so here is her Top 3:
3. Randy "The Ram" Robinson in "The Wrestler" (Mickey Rourke): OK, so he's a tragic badass with a bum ticker. But there aren't many guys who'd take a staple gun to the face just for the chance to relive past glory. 
2. Steve Wiebe from "King of Kong": Steve is the only real-life badass on my list. In Seth Gordon's insane documentary, Steve -- the Donkey Kong World Champion -- faces down a motley crew of arcade villains to claim his rightful title. Plus, he's a teacher! 
1. Sarah Connor in "Terminator 2" (Linda Hamilton): Easy, I know, but this character destroyed the stereotype of women in action movies. The scene where Sarah busts out of the mental hospital, only to encounter the Terminator, is a tour de force.
Read her full list of 10 at MTV.

Does our dear friend Diablo round up the best badasses? We've sensing a counter badass list is on its way.