Diablo Cody's next project set in Minneapolis

Diablo Cody's next project set in Minneapolis

City Pages alum Diablo Cody has a new project in the works, and it's set in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Film and TV Board Director Lucinda Winter says she has seen a treatment for the film, called Young Adult, which is about a woman who stalks her high-school sweetheart. Cody is still writing the screenplay, but Mr. Mudd and Mandate Pictures, producers behind Cody's previous hit Juno, have already signed on.

Winter said she would hopes to lure the production to Minneapolis to shoot, and will make her case to the producers when she travels to Los Angeles in mid-April.

"We need to see what their budget will be, and what their time-frame is, so we can get a sense of what kind of incentives we'll be able to give them to bring them here," Winter said. "It's definitely early in the game. These are just initial discussions."

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