Diablo Cody to cameo on 90210

Diablo Cody to cameo on 90210

Neal Justin has the scoop in this today's Variety section, though I haven't been able to find it on the web:

"I hope to play a counselor," the Oscar award winning former City Pages columnist said. "I'm afraid to talk about it too much, because I'll probably end up on the cutting room floor."

Diablo confessed her love for the original series on her blog for Entertainment Weekly:

I was a religious viewer of Original Recipe 90210 (or, as we called it in college, ''BH-Niner''). To this day, I cannot turn away from an episode; when I was in Paris recently doing press for Juno, I wasted an hour of what should have been a culturally edifying trip watching 90210 in French on my hotel TV. (It was the episode where Steve and Brandon are mistaken for a gay couple by two girls they're trying to bag. At least that was the B story. The guy dubbing Dylan was incredible; he expertly mimicked Luke Perry's rasp, yet added a soupçon of seductive Gallic charm.)

And if I love the show now, as a semi-rational, hormonally balanced adult, you can imagine how I reacted when it premiered in the early '90s. Oh, how I wished my family would move from the Midwest to a Spanish-style pad in Beverly Hills! I envied the perfect parenthetical curve of Kelly Taylor's bangs, Brenda's bikinis, and Brandon's classic car. I wished my local diner was manned by Joe E. Tata, rather than a cantankerous man named Christos. And because of Andrea Zuckerman -- sweet, lame Andrea Zuckerman -- I was deceived into believing that dorky girls like me should woo gorgeous guys who looked 27. (Ultimately, it didn't work for Andrea, and it didn't work for me.)

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