Diablo Cody talks backlash in Guardian interview


Diablo Cody, the former stripper and City Pages editor who won an Academy Award for her Juno screenplay, is no stranger to the backlash that can accompany success. And she was happy to talk about the topic in an interview with London's Guardian newspaper ahead of the U.K. premiere of Jennifer's Body, the latest Megan Fox vehicle for  which she wrote the screenplay.

How strange can the backlash against her success be? This strange:

"There are some people out there who think that I'm repulsive, that I'm not even human. This guy said, if he had a choice between having sex with me and cutting his dick off, then he'd cut his own dick off. And I was like, first of all I think you're lying. But second, if he is telling the truth, then that says something pretty profound ... about him. I think he was exaggerating, but it's so odd you'd ever feel the need to write such a thing in a public forum. And if he were to meet me, even for a few moments," the one-time stripper turned screenwriter adds in a sweeter, more conciliatory tone, "perhaps he could be persuaded not to lop off his Johnson."

But Cody says she corners her own market on self loathing, so really, there's nothing to worry about.

"First I was a success in my home town, then there was a little backlash there. It happened in stages, with each new level of success. And then when you win an Oscar, it's like a global backlash. Obviously you can't expect everyone to like all your work, but it's always the people who don't like it that say it the most loudly. But on the other hand, nobody has ever said anything about me that comes anywhere near what I think about myself. None of them has ever approached my level of self-loathing, even my biggest hater!"