Diablo Cody and the Fempire: We're sexy, but we're smart too

Diablo Cody and the Fempire: We're sexy, but we're smart too

Is Diablo Cody part of a female version of Entourage? Cody and her three lady friends would like to believe it, pegging themselves the "Fempire". Cute.

The Fempire, which also includes Dana Fox, Liz Meriwether, and Lorene Scafaria, was profiled in the New York Times. Unfortunately the story tells the classic storyline of females in a "male-dominated" industry. They're sexy, beautiful and can you believe it... smart too!

The story

leads with Cody during the interview, "struggling to keep her short blue dress from riding up." Great start.

We'd like to blame the writer for portraying the ladies as overly sexy for a good story, but it's hard to resist when the Fempire spouts quotes like "We've seen each other naked" and describes their limo rides as "super porno and tacky".

More from the NYTimes:

It sounds like fun and games -- the boozy, all-woman answer to those close-knit gangs of Hollywood boy-men captured on screen in "Entourage" and embodied by the real-life Apatown, the industry moniker for filmmaker Judd Apatow's coterie of actors and screenwriters including Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Seth Rogen. But these women also work hard: Ms. Cody, Ms. Fox and Ms. Scafaria can command seven figures to write a movie that makes it into theaters with big stars. Ms. Meriwether (the others call her "the freshman") is on her way to joining them. That's no small achievement when you consider that among the screenwriters who are in steady demand for major projects, only about 20 are women. Don't even try to credit their bankability to their looks.

The ladies go on to complain about how they feel pressured to look good all the time... more so than their male counterparts. Perhaps using and flaunting your sexuality and stripper days isn't the best way to try to have others focus on your work rather than your body?

We can imagine it's a tough industry to make an image for yourself. And maybe playing the sexy card gets you places. Just no need to complain about it when it gets you the wrong attention.

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