DFL still getting paid during shutdown

Ken Martin's also getting paid during the shutdown. Are you?

Ken Martin's also getting paid during the shutdown. Are you?

When City Pages asked GOP head Tony Sutton if he would still draw paychecks during the state shutdown, he said yes, and then asked, "Well, what's the DFL doing?"

The answer is, yes, the DFL's still going to get paid.

Party chair Ken Martin said he, and the rest of the DFL, were being paid their normal salaries, despite a number of state legislators and Gov. Mark Dayton's decision to forgo their salaries until the state is running again.

"No, we have to continue doing our work here," Martin said. "And we're not part of the state government."


Like Sutton, Martin's job comes with a six-figure salary: the DFL is paying him $108,000 this year.

For those keeping track, the state's two biggest political parties are in debt -- both over $700,000 worth, as of May. But, though their parties, and the state itself are broke, Sutton, Martin and their staffs will continue to make money.

Sutton said that if anyone should turn down their paychecks, it was the DFL, for Dayton's refusal to go along with the budgets passed by the legislature. This reaction didn't surprise Martin.

"The only thing I can say to that is, the reason we're in this mess is because of the Republicans," Martin said. "And at the end of the day, I expect the Republicans to say something like that. Because that's all they've been doing -- pointing fingers and calling names, instead of coming to the table in a real serious way."

It's nice to know that even when party politics fails the state of Minnesota, things stay about the same for the parties.