DFL Party condemns anti-Trump protesters for Minneapolis violence [VIDEO]

DFL Party chairman Ken Martin says violent protesters are sinking to Trump's level.

DFL Party chairman Ken Martin says violent protesters are sinking to Trump's level.

Aggressive confrontations between protesters and Donald Trump supporters in Minneapolis on Friday have the nation's conservatives all riled up. 

Many are furious that the clashes outside the Minneapolis Convention Center haven't become a bigger deal.

In this opinion piece for Fox News, a writer suggests there's a deliberate media blackout of the "violent mob" of "vicious thugs." This is a tricky argument to make, because the only reason he knows what went down outside the fundraiser is because of a video ... recorded and published by the Star Tribune. Counting an Associated Press wire report, the Strib has three separate stories on the protests. Conspiracy!

The same guy also observes, again smelling conspiracy, that none of the people involved got arrested. "Were the police given orders to stand down?" he asks. "If so, who gave the order? Who organized the protest?"

(Answers: Probably not; probably no one; probably the protesters.)

Today, the Republican Party of Minnesota is blaming (wait for it...) the DFL Party for the ugliness, calling on its chairman, Ken Martin, to apologize for the protests. 

"Democrats are free to protest," RPM chairman Keith Downey said, "but physically accosting people is becoming all too common, and it needs to stop."

Downey also sent a letter to Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges, saying the lack of police protection at the event was "extremely troubling and completely unacceptable." Downey's letter sounds some of the same conspiratorial notes as the Fox News commentator cited above, issuing a series of pointed questions to the mayor about her office's involvement in the lack of police presence. 

"Did any Democrat Party or advocacy group representative attempt to influence your approach to handling the Trump event?" Downey asked.

Martin, for his part, said the party had played no part in Friday's action, and said Downey's call for an apology was a "cynical ploy" to link Democrats to the violence. 

"That being said," Martin continued, "when people opposed to the hatred and vitriol of Donald Trump sink to his level, he wins."

He added: 

“The way to stop Donald Trump is not to respond to violence with violence--but to organize, mobilize and vote."