DFL partisan Dusty Trice hangs up his blog

Dusty Trice with a pancake on his head

Dusty Trice with a pancake on his head

The sounds you hear are the mourning cries of Michele Bachmann foes everywhere: Liberal blogger Dusty Trice, who wielded a video camera like sharp stick when it came to popping GOP balloons ahead of Election Day, is calling it quits.


Trice lampooned the always quotable District 6 Republican congresswoman on a regular basis.

"I was actually getting ready to close up shop right after the State Fair, but I was getting so much national attention from my videos that I figured I should stick around for a few more months," he says via e-mail.

"I'd spend countless hours driving around Minnesota taping Pawlenty, Bachmann and all the rest of the GOP candidates and then I'd get home and have to edit the footage, do the research, tinker around in Photoshop and come up with a snarky way of reporting it. That's a lot of work."

The work took a nasty bite out of his bank account, he says. Multimedia equipment and gas bills add up after a while. And it can't be any fun when his adversaries at Minnesota Democrats Exposed post old court documents detailing his domestic assault charges and questioning his temperament.

"Was it worth it? Absolutely," he says. "My videos are popping up on CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, Wonkette, TPM, Boing Boing, Politico and let's not forget City Pages. Totally worth it."

What's next for the former Franken campaign staffer?

"I'm back on the market and looking for work. And by work I mean a paycheck. And by paycheck I mean an obscene amount of money," he says with some snark. "I think I'd make a great hand model. If City Pages is looking for a snarky political reporter (or hand model), let me know.