Devon Strouss Pleads Guilty to Shooting Up 19 Bar; Stabbing Drug Dealer

On Oct. 15 Devon Strouss walked into Loring Park's 19 Bar with his dog, hammered, and got kicked out because he was being a drunken nuisance, according to charges he pleaded guilty to on Friday.

He lost one of his flip-flops leaving the bar, and when 19 Bar General Manager Barak Evertsen tried to give it back Strouss started shooting up the place, hitting Evertsen and one other person, according to an account 19 Bar owner Gary Hallberg gave City Pages back in October.

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Strouss's family originally claimed it was self-defense, but his credibility took a big hit when he was arrested again in January for stabbing a drug dealer in St. Louis Park.

In that incident Strouss tried to steal marijuana from a dealer at a gas station, which resulted in a fight between the two men. At one point Strouss went to his car, got a knife and stabbed the dealer. Then an employee tackled him, Strouss escaped and was later tracked down by police, who had his license plate and a description to work off of.

Strouss pleaded guilty to two counts of assault with a deadly weapon for the shooting. Each count is expected to put him in prison for 36 months, and as part of his plea deal a 45-month sentence for the stabbing will be served concurrently.

Altogether he's expected to be in prison for a total of 72 months. His sentencing is Feb. 11.