Despite suspect resemblance, MPD isn't linking recent armed robberies [IMAGES]

The MPD is doubtful about whether these two stills are of the same guy.
The MPD is doubtful about whether these two stills are of the same guy.

Two robbers made off with an undisclosed amount of loot from the Woodlands National Bank on the 1100 block of East Franklin Avenue on Monday afternoon, with one of them firing his gun as the getaway vehicle left the scene.

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The surveillance still in the upper left at the top of this post shows one of the suspects, and he looks awfully similar to the gun-toting guy who robbed five south Minneapolis businesses in the span of a few hours on New Year's Eve morning (a still showing him in action is at the top right of this post). The two suspects have a matching description to boot -- in both instances, they're described as black, heavyset, about 30 years old, and in both cases they wore similar attire on their face and head.

Nonetheless, Minneapolis Police Department Public Information Officer John Elder says authorities are skeptical about the possibility they're the same guy.

"It's not out of the realm of possibility [that the same guy is responsible], but we are not linking these crimes together at this time," he told City Pages.

Asked why, Elder pointed out the difference between robbing a pharmacy or gas station and robbing a bank.

"They're grossly different types of robberies involving different obstacles," Elder said. "I'm not saying one person won't do both but [the cases] lack enough similarities for us to link them together."

Anyone with information about the New Year's Eve robberies is asked to call Sergeant Walter Carlson of the Minneapolis Police Department Robbery Unit at 612-673-3856, and those with information about Monday's robbery are asked to dial the MPD at 612-673-3829.

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