Designer of collapsed 35W bridge doesn't want to take the blame


Victims of the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis nearly two years ago are still suing the engineering firm and repaving company that did the last work on the bridge before it collapsed. But what about the designer of the bridge in the first place?

The original designer has now asked a judge to keep them out of the lawsuits related to the collapse in 2007, claiming too much time has passed since the bridge's original construction to place any blame on them. If they are considered liable in the case, they could be forced to pay out for the lawsuits too.

More from the Associated Press:
Federal investigators ruled undersized plates connecting bridge beams led the bridge to fail, killing 13 people and injured 145.

Another engineering firm and a repaving company that did the last Interstate 35W bridge work are being sued by victims. Those companies want the design firm to share any costs they could face.

Jacobs argues Minnesota law relieves it from liability because 10 years has passed since the design work was done by a company it acquired.