DeRusha Day is actually going to happen

Can you believe this dude got his own day?

Can you believe this dude got his own day?

In early August, Hart Van Denburg penned a cheeky story about the power of social media to carry a joke.

It started when WCCO Good Questioner Jason DeRusha noticed it was National Cheesecake Day and wondered aloud what it would take to get a "DeRusha Day."

Well, Jason has quite an online following--it's not for nothing that City Pages named him "Best Online Personality" in this year's Best Of's. People picked up the idea, made posters, started an official online petition.

And I just learned a few minutes ago that R.T. Rybak has signed off on the official proclamation establishing an honest-to-God DeRusha Day on Monday, September 21. Take the jump and gaze upon the proclamation in all it's glory (you may even be mentioned).