Derrick Williams' Top 5 Dunks as a T-Wolf [VIDEO]

D-Will hopes to be the first T-Wolf to win the dunk contest since J.R. Rider in '94.
D-Will hopes to be the first T-Wolf to win the dunk contest since J.R. Rider in '94.

Yesterday, Timberwolves rookie forward Derrick Williams learned he'll be taking part in the slam dunk competition next Saturday night during the NBA's All-Star weekend.

Williams' rookie campaign, frankly, has been somewhat disappointing. The second overall pick in last year's draft, the 6'8", 240-pounder seemed to enter the league with all the physical tools needed to make an instant impact. But to date he's averaged 7.5 points on just 43 percent shooting to go along with 4.2 boards in 18.6 minutes per-game.

One thing he has demonstrated, however, is that dude can dunk -- not that there was much doubt about that after watching him slam all over the Pac-12 last year while he was playing for the University of Arizona. So in anticipation of the next weekend's contest, here's a look at Williams' five best dunks as a T-Wolf.

5. One-handed throw down in Toronto

This won't win him any dunk contests, but still -- Williams shows some amazing athleticism in getting all the way from the three-point line to the rack in one dribble, then finishing the play with a powerful one-handed slam.

4. A sick alley-oop from Rubio in Utah

Ricky Rubio makes everyone on the floor with him better, but he and Williams, in particular, seem to have developed some strong alley-oop chemistry. In this play, Rubio, leading the break, simply throws the ball in the air around the room -- Williams goes up and gets it, then throws it down with authority.

3. Behind the head slam against OKC

Like I said, Rubio makes everyone better, but nonetheless, this is a sick finish on Williams' part. His head nearly touches the rim, and he makes the behind-the-head no-look throwdown look easy.

2. Rubio to Williams on the oop against San Antonio

Similar to the previous dunk, except this one is enhanced with spectacular camera work and a little twist at the end. It'll be a joy to watch Rubio and Williams hook up on alley-oops like this for seasons to come -- unless the Lakers decide to pull the trigger on

that rumored Pau Gasol for D-Will trade

in the meantime.

1. D-Will posterizes Charlotte's D.J. White

Now this is flat-out sick. D-Will catches the pass from Beasley, explodes toward the rim, then dunks all over D.J. White. Credit color man Jim Petersen with a tremendous call here too -- "he just Mozgov-ed someone!" he exclaims, alluding to Blake Griffin's

in-game destruction

of the Russian center last season.

With his huge ups -- and the help of Ricky Rubio, who almost certainly will be involved in D-Will's dunk contest effort in some capacity -- Williams has a great chance at being the first T-Wolf to win the dunk contest since Isiah Rider back in '94. That'd be a lot of fun to watch, but most Wolves fans would probably be willing to trade a dunk contest victory for more consistent production during the second half of this season and beyond.

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