Derrick R. Ford guilty of beating women with child-size scooter


When Derrick Reseau Ford's neighbor's in Duluth told his girlfriend he was cheating on her while she was on vacation, they went beyond good neighbors and turned into snitches. That calls for a scooter beating, of course.

Ford, 30, was found guilty of first-, second- and third-degree assault against one woman and second- and third-degree assault against another.

On Sept. 23, Ford was upset at the two female neighbors along with another woman because one of them tattled on him and his cheating ways. He first had an altercation with Melanie Brown. She initiated the scooter attack outside by picking up the child-size scooter and hitting him over the head with it after he pushed her out the door.

That set him off. He then grabbed the scooter and starting swinging it. He was blinded by the blood in his eyes from the first scooter slash. He hit Brown in the head, knocking her to the ground. He hit her at least three more times. Then Jill Gilderman tried to defend Brown, but Ford hit her instead.

The women went to the emergency room by ambulance and were treated for their injuries. Brown says she had increased migraines and some memory loss from the attack. Gilderman suffered a broken arm.

Ford could receive up to 86 months in prison for the scooter attack. He will be sentenced later this month.