Derek Larson still has the most awkward family in America

Remember the Larsons? They're the family that took top honors about a year ago in a "Most Awkward Family Vacation" photo contest. A picture of Larson's St. Paul family -- complete with KFC-bucket flag hats and a cut-off wearing photobomber -- won him a two-week trip to Waikiki.

Apparently, awkwardness is genetic. Derek Larson, the one who submitted the photo, is all grown up now with kids of his own, and the next generation is once again poised to take home a big vacation prize for their innate ability to be awkward as hell.

"It's happening all over again," says Larson.

Larson and his two kids, Alyssa and Gabe, are among five contenders vying for the top prize in the Modern Family Memory Book Contest. The idea is to reenact a family memory in the couch-confessional style of the show, and entrants are encouraged to submit any photos or video clips to help illustrate.

Alyssa, Derek, and Gabe re-enact Modern Family.
Alyssa, Derek, and Gabe re-enact Modern Family.

Larson's thoughts jumped immediately to a clip of Alyssa -- now 20 -- demonstrating some less-than-stellar older sibling behavior toward her baby brother Gabe in some grainy home movie footage from ten years ago. We can't embed the clip, but watch it here.

If the Larsons rack up enough votes before May 15, they could be heading to Hawaii or the Bahamas.

Which is funny, because Derek says they just got back from the trip to Hawaii they won from Most Awkward Family Photos. And it was kind of a disaster.

"They had the worst weather they'd had in a decade. It rained, like torrential, rained for seven of the 10 [days] we were there," he says.

Of course the Larsons would bring mudslides, hail, and flash flooding with them to the most beautiful place on Earth.

As for his uncanny ability to rocket up the leader-board on these kinds of contests, Larson says he's not sure why he has the golden awkward touch. He also submitted one entry to a "Survivor" video contest, which became one of the top ten fan favorites (though he didn't win).

"I guess we're an awkward family," he says. "We've come to embrace it and revel in it."

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