Deputy ends hunting trip by shooting wife


We're glad to report that Michelle Cossentine is OK, but one can easily imagine the look on her face the other day when her husband, Deputy Nathan Cossentine, put a bullet in her thigh. By accident of course, says Roseau County Chief Deputy Terry Bandemer.

Seems the couple had just returned home after deer hunting on Sunday, and were sitting in their Suburban, when Nathan checked to make sure his gun wasn't loaded.

It was. Oops.

"He had it laying across his lap, and it discharged," Bandemer tells the Grand Forks Herald. "The bullet went across his wife's lap, right across her thigh."

Nathan told Bandermer that his finger or a piece of clothing must have caught the gun's trigger. He took his wife to a Grand Forks hospital, where she was treated and expected to be released yesterday.