Deputy Dave Schultz isn't shooting straight on taxes [Updated]

Is Deputy Dave a straight shooter?

Is Deputy Dave a straight shooter?

It's apparently not a good election cycle to be a spokesman on a TV ad.

First there was Michele Bachmann's "Jim the Election Guy," who turned out to be some strapped-for-work actor who didn't even live in Minnesota, let alone the 6th District.

Now we have Deputy Dave in that MN Forward TV ad criticizing Mark Dayton's "job-killing" taxes.


He's been a cop for 20 years, Deputy Dave says. "My wife is a nurse. Mark Dayton says we're rich and we should pay higher taxes. He's wrong."

But Deputy Dave, who supports Tom Emmer, may not be such a straight shooter.

The Star Tribune figured out that Deputy Dave is Hennepin County Sheriff's Deputy David Schultz. Schultz made $73,989 last year. The Strib found that the high end of a nurse's salary is about $77,000. That's $150,989 a year combined, not enough to be affected by Dayton's tax plan, which kicks in when couples earn $173,000 or more in gross income.

Deputy Dave's wife would have to be making way above the average nurse's pay for Dayton's plan to dig into the Schultz family's pockets.

Here's that ad: