Deputies arrest deer hunter who shoots hole in kitchen wall

​A couple and their son at home in Burke, Wis., got a shock on Tuesday when a hunter blasted a hole in their kitchen wall. No one was hurt.

Dane County deputies later arrested 46-year-old Michael A. Berkholtz for reckless endangerment. He said he was taking a shot at a deer when he lost his footing. Deputies say he'd been drinking.

The state's nine-day deer season opened on Saturday, and the Department of Natural Resources has started a tally of hunting accident reports.

  • A Grant County hunter was struck in the back of the leg by shrapnel when a companion's gun discharged into the door of a vehicle as he attempted to unload the gun.
  • In Price County, a hunter suffered a self-inflicted wound in the left hand from a handgun.
  • In Green County a hunter sustained a gunshot wound to his leg when he slipped crossing a stream on a log and his shotgun discharged.
  • A Barron County hunter was wounded in the thigh by a bullet.
  • A St. Croix County a hunter shot himself in the hand with a rifle.
Wisconsin DNR says 626,404 hunting licenses were bought for deer season this year, including 9,592 in a new category for mentored 10- and 11-year-olds.