Dept. of clarification: A note from Lucas Bachmann

The first e-mail to come in over the transom regarding this week's cover story on 6th Congressional District candidate Michele Bachmann was from her oldest offspring.

In "The Chosen One," a point is made that for all of Bachmann's calls for school reform as a parent, activist and state senator, some have noted the irony that her five children have never attended public school. The reference was to K-12 education.

Nevertheless, 23-year-old Lucas Bachmann sent this missive to Blotter early yesterday, for the record:

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Just got done reading your article. In it you stated that "The Chosen One's" children never went to public school. As a child of the "Chosen One" I remember having attented the University of Minnesota for four years from fall 2000 through spring 2004. If I am correct I believe that the U of M falls under the status of public education. Just thought that you would like to have all the facts, for journalistic integrity.


Lucas Bachmann

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