Deplorable sign in small-town Minnesota 'supports' St. Cloud by saying 'Muslims get out'

The sign's perfectly legal under the First Amendment, and ass-backward under the Second Commandment.

The sign's perfectly legal under the First Amendment, and ass-backward under the Second Commandment.

Emotions are running high since a stabbing at a St. Cloud mall left nine people wounded and the attacker dead. 

Feelings in that area are running the gamut. Grief, sadness, fear, confusion, anxiety, anger. 

We leave anthing out? Ah, yes. Hate.

On Monday, drivers in the small town of Lonsdale, Minnesota (pop. 3,674) were assaulted with a shocking message outside Treat's Family Restaurant. 

"FOOD," the sign advertised. It continued: "ICE CREAM." 

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What in God's name is that doing there? 

At least one resident of that town (actually about 100 miles southeast of St. Cloud; Minneapolis is a lot closer) complained in such a way that the local police got involved to end an "altercation," according to the Lonsdale News Review

Owner Dan Ruedinger realized his original message was being misunderstood, so he added the words "IN SUPPORT OF ST. CLOUD." Thanks Dan. Now we get it.

"I've had enough and I'm standing up," Ruedigner told the paper. "With all the bombs and shootings we've had, we're supposed to welcome refugees here who want to kill us?"

In his next breath, Ruedinger said the Muslims who are "good people" who "want a better life" should "take control and hold the others accountable."

Well which is it, Dan? That refugees coming to America "want to kill us"? Or that some of them "want a better life"? 

The truth is most refugees trying to gain entry to the United States are fleeing violent Muslims who are trying to kill them. Coincidentally, if Dan Ruedinger's going to be fighting anyone, it's probably another person living in lily-white Lonsdale: A woman who didn't like his sign stopped her car and started taking down the letters, leading to police involvement, without arrest.

Later on, Minnesota Public Radio notes, the restaurant owner volunteered that he would've written "MUSLIM EXTREMISTS GET OUT" if he'd had the right letters.

Please, someone help Dan Ruedinger. It seems he's short on E's, M's, S's, and empathy.