Department of small comforts: Everybody lies

Some salve for the departed CEO of RadioShack

The Associated Press is reporting that David Edmondson, the CEO of RadioShack Corp., is stepping down for lying on his resume. Coincidentally, a press release came over the transom today proving that Edmondson is hardly alone--a survey found that nearly half of some 1,000 resumes contain a "significant" inaccuracy.

Someone named Mike from sends this missive:

Recently, conducted an extensive 6-month study to confirm the accuracy of information on resumes. The study verified the dates of employment, job titles and education on over 1,000 resumes. The resumes represented job seekers from a diverse set of industries and ranged from entry-level to executive-level. The study found that 42.7% of resumes contained one or more significant inaccuracies in these areas. 12.6% of resumes contained two or more inaccuracies.

Brad Fredericks, co-founder of, explains that, "Although many employers no longer offer character references, they will still confirm or deny an employee's dates of employment and overall role at the company. Surprisingly, these are the most common details for a job seeker to exaggerate." He adds, "Odds are that nearly one out of two resumes misrepresent the job seeker's employment history or education."



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