Department of Public Safety to publish names of people arrested for DWI on Twitter

To protect, serve, and publicly shame.
To protect, serve, and publicly shame.

If you drive drunk tomorrow night, your name could go viral for all the wrong reasons.

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That's because law enforcement is planning to publish the names of folks they arrest during the state's largest DWI patrol on Twitter along with the hashtag, #May10DWI.

According to KSTP, 150 squads will be "patrolling the major highways looking for drunk drivers," meaning tomorrow night represents the Department of Public Safety's "largest-ever one night DWI enforcement effort."

So don't want to see your name and mugshot in our Monday rundown of law enforcement's public shaming campaign? Then call a cab, ride a bike, get smashed with impunity on your Segway, or consider the unthinkable -- staying sober on a Friday night.

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