Department of Hysteria: Bob Davis edition

class=img_thumbleft>Yesterday, the Strib published an innocuous little trend piece examining that ubiquitous fixture of surburban development, the cul de sac. Apparently, a growing number of city planners, concerned about traffic flow and land use patterns, have become less permissive when it comes to the construction of new cul de sacs. Considering that there's no talk of tearing out existing cul de sacs, this doesn't sound like such a big deal, right? Wrong. At least if you find yourself pursuaded by some of the shouters at 1500 KSTP AM. Yesterday, host Dave Thompson devoted a chunk of his show to discussing this scandalous assualt on a great American institution. It was up to Thompson's colleague Bob Davis to really raise the bar for reflexive and pointless outrage. The Strib, the host fulminated on his drivetime show this morning, had yet again revealed its gross bias against the suburbs! That dubious proposition was not the silliest part of Davis' rant. The distinction goes to his declaration that suburbanites are "the most hated race in the world."