Department of Human Services mails 572,000 shutdown warnings to clients


In another reminder of how the looming Minnesota government shutdown is going to impact real people and not just political careers, the Department of Human Services mailed out something like 572,000 letters to its clients today, warning them that there may be an interruption in their benefits.


Among those impacted will be anyone who gets state assistance with food, health care and income.

The warning s don't stop there: Some 42,500 child care assistance recipients and 7,000 adoption assistance recipients have also been warned about possible disruptions.

Tens of thousands of state employees have already been formally warned that they may be laid off on July 1.

Still, it's not clear yet exactly how services will be impacted if or when the shutdown takes place. Attorney General Lori Swanson went to court yesterday seeking the appointment of a special master to determine what state services are essential -- and to order the state to keep funding those services.

Roughly 600,000 Minnesotans on medical assistance should fall under the "essential services" category, she argued.