Deondrae Atkins, Arrested for Not Much, Allegedly Had Cocaine in His Nether Region

A night of playing dice turned into possible prison time for Atkins thanks to a little over 1.5 grams of cocaine.

A night of playing dice turned into possible prison time for Atkins thanks to a little over 1.5 grams of cocaine.

On August 25, Deondrae Atkins was hanging out, rolling dice for money on a sidewalk near the Dorthy Day Center in downtown St. Paul, when a St. Paul police officer monitoring closed circuit television noticed another man in the area rolling a "marijuana cigar."

The officer approached the group, and recognized one of the men gambling as Atkins, 25, who he knew from "past encounters," as a criminal complaint puts it.

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"Officer Holte asked Atkins why he was gambling, and Atkins replied that he was just having fun," the complaint says. "In the past, Officer Holte had advised Atkins about loitering and trespassing on private property in the area. Despite these admonitions, Atkins continues to loiter and trespass in the area."

"Officer Holte did not believe that a citation would stop Atkins from his continued criminal activity and he decided to arrest Atkins," the complaint continues.

If you think that turn of events was unfortunate for Atkins, you haven't read anything yet. Because when Officer Holte searched him, he noticed Atkins "kept flexing and clenching his buttocks and Officer Holte suspected Atkins was hiding drugs," the complaint says.

"Officer Holte asked Atkins if he wanted to let the drugs fall down his pant legs or if he would rather go through a strip search once at the LEC," it continues. "Atkins responded that he didn't know what Officer Holte was talking about."

But Atkins wasn't telling the truth, according to investigators.

"Once at the Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center... Atkins was escorted into a room [and when] he bent over and spread his buttocks, a clear plastic bag with an off-white substance was recovered from his buttocks," the complaint says. "When asked about the drugs that had been found on him, Atkins said he was only rolling dice. When asked about the baggie recovered from his groin area, Atkins replied that he did not have any recollection of that."

Prosecutors didn't buy that, and Atkins now faces a possession charge that could land him behind bars for as long as a half-decade.

The complaint notes that Atkins has two prior felonies, including one for drug possession.

To read the complaint for yourself, click to page two.

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