Denny Hecker's watches fetch $294,500 at auction

Soon to be marking time in prison.

Soon to be marking time in prison.

Denny Hecker wasn't born rich, but, with apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald, he's still different from most folks. His watches alone have fetched $294,500 at a bankruptcy auction. A diamond-festooned Rolex "Datejust," brought in $24,100, the PiPress reported.

The 71 watches were just decorations in Hecker's once over-the-top auto mogul lifestyle. So the sale got us wondering about what else $294,500 would buy.


For starters, it would pay for putting a roof over your head in Minneapolis, where the median home price is $221,672, while still have plenty left over to pay property taxes.

The sale would cover the average $49,000 salary of six Minneapolis school teachers for a year.

The money could also buy wheels for the whole neighborhood: Maybe 10 Toyota 4Runners at $29,525 a pop, or 17 Ford Focus sedans listed at $16,640.

While it's fun to think about what you might do with more than a quarter-million dollars, in the big picture of Hecker's $767 million bankruptcy filing this is all a drop in the bucket.

The Radde of Radde & Sons Auction House in New Germany figures it has raised a little less a million dollars in its five auctions of Hecker's assets.

And Randy Seaver, the court appointed bankruptcy trustee, has said that auctions and sales of Hecker's assets have brought in about $2.5 million.

Hecker, meanwhile, is scheduled to be sentenced on federal fraud and conspiracy charges early next year. He'll likely be marking time in federal prison not long afterwards.