Denny Hecker's 'very close friends' ride to the rescue


The flat panel televisions, the furniture, the pool and ping pong tables that almost got carted away to help pay off Denny Hecker's creditors? They'll get the cash instead, thanks to some unnamed friends with $15,000 worth of expendable income who came forward with the cash at the last minute yesterday, according to Dee DePass at the Star Tribune.

The payoff, which still needs to be approved by a judge, ends a sort of stand-off since Monday, when Christi Rowan, Hecker's girlfriend, blocked bankruptcy trustee officials from entering Hecker's Medina mansion to search for assets to be liquidated. But it hardly ends the trustee's work. He figures Rowan's on the hook for about $425,000. Hecker himself is wallowing in bankruptcy hell to the tune of $767 million, and awaits an October trial on a laundry list of federal fraud charges, a trial in which Rowan has now agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Meanwhile, over at WCCO, Esme Murphy got her hands on some e-mail that suggests Rowan and Tamitha Hecker, the fourth of Denny's ex-wives, are now fighting over whether Rowan has been trying to sell off some pricey clothes and accessories that Tamitha says are hers: eight designer purses by Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton, designer clothes, three fur coats, a set of Louis Vuitton luggage and a baccarat crystal vase.

Yes, Rowan says, she sold some items to a high-end consignment store in south Minneapolis. But the stuff she sold was hers.